Split Mini AC Benefits

split mini acThe split mini ac is an air conditioning unit which both cools and heats. It works similarly to a standard air conditioner though more efficiently. The split mini has a reverse cycle enabling it to provide heat as well as cold air.  The way it operates is with an outside unit called a condenser, along with indoor units containing an evaporator and blower. Heat is transfered and dissipated through refrigerant lines connecting the the indoor units to the condenser.

Split Mini AC Has More Efficient Design

The split mini AC is more energy efficient than a standard ac. It does not cycle, or turn on and off. Rather it uses only the minimum amount of energy required to regulate temperature. It is able to withdraw heat from the environment, even when the air outside is very cold. It’s mechanical design is only one of the reasons why the split mini ac is more energy efficient.

The Split Mini AC Ductless Advantage

Because it is a ductless system it is has another advantage in efficiency.  With a ducted system there can be significant energy losses, even up to 30%.  Ducts which are not completely air tight leak. This requires more electricity for heating and cooling. Heat and cold can also dissipate as air is carried over long distances through ducts. With the ductless split mini system the hot and cold air is generated right where it’s being put out into the room. There is no distance for it to travel, thus no loss of energy.

Split Mini AC Zone Control

And the third reason they are more efficient is because the indoor units have individual control. You can heat and cool only the rooms which you want to. No need to heat rooms that are not occupied. This also reduces your energy costs. Some of the other advantages of the split mini ac include their affordable reasonable costs and versatile installation possibilities.

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